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Bus Grope - Touching a Stranger Man

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If you know me, you know I love provoking and watching men getting aroused. That’s why I love wearing revealing clothes, I like my very low tops showing my cleavage and miniskirts or tight shorts to that show my ass.

When it comes to public transport, men are usually the pervert ones trying to grope women . I've been groped many times and to be very honest, I like when men stare at my boobs or ass but I don’t usually like men groping me, it feels a bit intimidating ant desperate, you don’t know who is behind you!

University Group Sex

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Getting Sex in the Campus

It was just another day at Uni, all the usual stuff happening on the campus… That’s until my sexy female professor asked me to join her and other students for the afternoon literature class. Since I needed credits, I couldn’t say no.

Always Wet and Horny

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Usually I hear stories about guys that are horny all the time but not many girls share their experiences so let me tell you a bit about our my secrets...

Couple's cum feeding frenzy

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My wife and I have enjoyed cum sharing for some time now as part of foreplay. I know you must wonder what I mean by foreplay. I mean freezing a load of cum to be consumed later when we are hot and horny. The first time we did it I crushed a sweetart into powder and mixed before freezing but have found a better way since then. Now I add splenda (a sugar substitute) before freezing. We like this better because it does not alter the flavor, it just makes it sweet indeed. Also the color remains that beautiful opal white and the splenda easily dissolves.

My First Threesome Experience

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It was quite hot during summer season. Saturday afternoon hard work, go downstairs watch a little TV and cool off from the heat, strip down take a shower, go upstairs and get dressed. Ever since the family moved out, this has been Saturday at my house. Why would this Saturday be different?

My first Lesbian Experience

For nearly 20 years I was a heterosexual like many girls, I didn’t know what I was missing...

Boss on top at work

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Friday night at the company

End of the day at the office and my co-workers decided to go for some drinks to have fun. Around 10 of us headed to the nearest bar and started drinking.

Hot and horny in the shower

Laying on the hotel bed, I was feeling exhausted, but surprisingly horny.

Travelling a lot with work, I often found myself in this situation. I could go out to a club, and hook up with some random guy, for the night. With my long slender legs, large round breasts and pretty looks, I never had any
problems finding guys who wanted to fuck me. Not tonight though, I
was way too tired, and it seemed like too much effort.

Fingering his Butt

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This is a true story that happened last week with my boyfriend.

We've been together for one year and last week we traveled on vacation to New York.

Coming back to the hotel at night, after having a few glasses of wine...we're both in the mood for sex...

We started making out, he was hugging me from behind and it didn't take long for me to get,

First Threesome

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Danni was a long time friend who would occasionally come to my place to have a nice meal, a bottle of red wine followed by long intensive sex. The next morning we would shower together and she would leave. Who wants a better friend? Yes, we were good friends that knew that sex is needed in everyone's life.
Whenever she felt that rush coming from between those pretty legs, she knew she could count on me.



Sexy Hot Girlfriend Tania

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Sexy Hot Girlfriend Tania

This is my sexy and hot girlfriend Tania. She's a delicious mature woman. She's great and horny all the time.

Tania loves having sex and using her toys to tease me. This brunette is the hottest girl I've ever had. Sex for her is a pleasure and not a favor and she's always up for it.

MILF Hunter

Redhead Milf in a sexy pose picture
I'm absolutely crazy for mature woman also known as M.I.L.F (Mother I Would Like to Fuck).
And for the I'm going to write about in my blogs. Of course I love teens as well but that's something easy to get for me.

Hot Milf Next door

My neighbour is a very hot MILF and I thought I'd share this story with you.

Her name is Jenny and I've known her for over a year now. She has a sexy European accent and an amazing ass !

Foot Seduction

Foot is one thing that turns me on and this sexy girl must have known because she did everything i ever dreamed of.

Summer 2008 I was hanging out with friends and we went to a friend's pool to chill out. As soon as we arrived I spotted this sexy hot chick staring at me. After a few beers I started staring back at her. Until she started touching her foot.

101 Positions

Here's a list of the most common sexual positions.

As promised, we'll continue to describe all of them (with pictures when possible).

In case you missed our first Sex positions just check it. For this we'd like your help to know which ones are the best and which one you would like more details or even pictures. Of course you can always write comments, stories and post pics. Have fun with the list for the time being. There are 59 sexual positions so need a few more to comple 101 positions.

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