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101 Positions

Here's a list of the most common sexual positions.

As promised, we'll continue to describe all of them (with pictures when possible).

In case you missed our first Sex positions just check it. For this we'd like your help to know which ones are the best and which one you would like more details or even pictures. Of course you can always write comments, stories and post pics. Have fun with the list for the time being. There are 59 sexual positions so need a few more to comple 101 positions.

Let us know if you tried them while in real sex. Remember that sex is good only if enjoyed by both parts. Get kinky with your partner and ask him/her to try different positions and find out wich ones can give you multiple orgasms.

  1. Missionary
  2. Edge of Bed Missionary
  3. Blossoming Flower Missionary
  4. Side entry missionary
  5. Squashing of the deckchair
  6. Peace Sign Butterfly position
  7. Coital alignment technique
  8. The stopperage
  9. The Yawning
  10. Position Octopus
  11. Position Feet-on-his-shoulders
  12. Viennese Oyster
  13. Doggy style
  14. Leapfrog
  15. Froggy
  16. Upright doggy
  17. Upright doggy pull-back
  18. Spread-eagle
  19. Spoons
  20. Reverse
  21. Peace sign
  22. Inverted Missionary
  23. Camel Ride / Camel-Style
  24. The Screw
  25. Cowboy/girl sex position
  26. Amazon Position
  27. Reverse Cowboy/girl sex Position
  28. Reverse Amazon/Nero
  29. Italian chandelier
  30. Reverse Cowboy/girl Horizontal
  31. Asian Cowgirl
  32. Horizontal Reverse
  33. Full Control
  34. The Crabwalk
  35. Watching the Game
  36. Armchair
  37. Black Bee
  38. Furniture
  39. Persuading of the debtor
  40. Playing of the cello
  41. Please Be Seated
  42. Proposal
  43. Split Level
  44. Stand and carry
  45. Standing Wheelbarrow
  46. High Heels
  47. Harvey Wallbanger
  48. Threading the needle
  49. Take a bow
  50. Cross
  51. NASCAR
  52. Head to toe
  53. Rocking chair
  54. K
  55. T-square position
  56. Drilling for Oil
  57. Spread Eagle Piledriver
  58. The Seventh Posture
  59. The Axe

This is becoming a KamaSutra now. Will add the other one later and we're already shooting the photos to illustrate all the positions for you.

We are also writing a descripition for all the positions. Cooperation is welcome.

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