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Sex Position guide

If sex is good, it can be even better ! This article will help you finding a perfect position and give your partner a great pleasure while having sex. The dream of every teen is to find sex but then when they get more mature and find a good sex partner (or partners)is time to improve in bed and explore the world of sexual positions. We recommend you read from the beggining but you might jump straight to learn the positions and test yourself:


Pleasure - Orgasm

After you experience sex for a few times you start thinking of what can give your partner and you the most pleasure. The idea of making sex enjoyable is nothing new (kamasutra is an ancient book); so, why not trying out new sexual poisitions ? Some erotic positions will give the man more pleasure while others will enhace the female's orgasm.


Also, don't forget that foreplay can give you and your partner an overdose of orgasm, and you're only starting. In case you're new to it, foreplay means playing around before making love. Try masturbating each other at the same time. The man fingering the clitoris and the woman stroking the penis. Another great for of stimulation is oral sex. Not all women like sucking cock or have her vagina licked. Have an agreement and be nice and gentle with your partner. Men tend love oral sex and if nicely done it can be a real exciting stimulation.

101 sex positions

We have decided to start our own 101 sex positions guide. The idea is to give illustrated sex positions and to explain them in details. Man on top, Woman on top, from behind and so on. That's why we think that the best way to do this is with the help and experience of real people. No bullshit. The more mature guys and girls have plenty of experience to share. Let's have a link for each of the most favorite sexual positions and also a ranking to see which ones give the most orgasm. And, why not ? Let's use some free adult videos to help us, both amateur and professional ones.

Favorite Sex Position

To start, here is a list of the most common sexual positions. Tell us which ones you have tried and which ones gave you the best sex pleasure. Click the link below for more advanced techniques and positions.


The missionary is a basic position (and the most used).The man is on top and the woman lies on her back and both partners face each other. You cannot go wrong with this position because it gives you a relatively good depth of penetration into the vagina and it stimulates the female's clitoris at the same time. If you're a man, you can ask the girl to lift her legs also known as legs up or the anvil or even wrap them around you and again you have another position called the plough or chicken in some languages . This will give you a different angle and perhaps more or less speed, depends what you want. If you're a woman, ask the man to place a pillow under your hips, you will feel the difference in pressure.

Cowgirl or Cowboy

Woman on Top this time. The man lies on his back on the bed, floor, couch, sofa, etc.. and the woman opens her legs putting her knees on the surface and introduces her pussy into the hard dick. She can put her hands on his chest for greater pleasure or can put them around her neck or even on the bed. The girl than starts riding at her own pace. Girls and boys like this position especially because it gives a bit femdom (female dominance). The woman can control the sex speed while the man can appreciate the sexy body and touch the boobs and tits feeling her ass and warm vagina. The same position can be used for anal sex (when both are already experienced in that)

Doggy style or dog position

Men usually love the Doggie style sex. The name is descriptive, no much explanation here. The woman bends over and puts her knees and elbows on the floor or bed and the man comes and fuck her pussy from behind. This position can be used for anal sex too. Why do boys love doggy style? Well, this time the man is dominating the situation! Also the man is able to look the girl's ass and tits. Not all women like it because it's a bit uncomfortable but some of them say they can get to a real orgasm because the dick touches the G-spot. This favourite is one of the favourites in porn movies. It is also used for male gay couples


Oral Sex Positions - Cunnilingus is nothing more than using your mouth, lips, and tongue to give pleasure to a woman licking her pussy, also known as going down on her, eating out, muff-diving, eating pussy, lip service and so on…
One thing you have to know is that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the body for almost all women. You need to be gentle when licking and stimulating her clitoris if you want to give her an unforgettable orgasm.
The great thing about cunnilingus is that it can be used by straight couples (man and woman) and lesbians (two or more women).
When you learn to use your tongue, you can make the girls scream!! A nice lick can satisfy a horny woman, even if you cannot cum anymore…
Many positions are under cunnilingus:
68 Hers or 34 1/2:
This is almost a 69 but the woman is not giving you a blow job.
Ask your girl to lie with her neck on your cock (head on a pillow) while you lick her vagina slowly.
Tip: Try to lick between the anus and the vagina to make her cum faster.

Read the next articles for more advanced sex positions. Leave your comments. Share your sex experience and stories with the Real Sex 18 group. Amateur and sex videos are needed to illustrate the positions.


Best Positions

The simple are sometimes the best sex positions. I personally like being on the top, ridding the man, it gives me a lot of pleasure. Of course I like experimenting different ways to make sex and sometimes feel adventures (hence my screename) :-)
I like this article and if you want, can contribute for the next ones. It'd be good if you could post some more advanced techniques and also some tips for better sex.
Contact me if you are interested, I like the idea of an adult oriented community and I have many stories to share.
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Love me not because I'm a Wild girl.

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